Which Airlines are Currently Allowing e-Cig Use Mid-Flight?

There is A LOT of mis-information regarding the legality of smoking e-Cigs on airplanes. It’s fairly common for new technologies (like e-Cigs and vapes) to be misunderstood and therefore feared by the public. So when people see you on an airplane smoking your e-Cig  and exhaling a mysterious vapor, they’re bound to be a little confused and perhaps even worried.

The good news, it that it only takes a few moments to put their fears to rest by explaining what an e-Cig really is and how it works. You can be an ambassador for the e-Cig and vape community and, ideally, bring about better awareness to the general public. Even better news, many airlines currently allow e-Cigs to be brought onboard and enjoyed mid-flight. 

Airlines allowing e-Cigs and Vapes mid-flight:

 Private Airlines and Jets: Currently, this is your best bet if you want to use your e-Cig or vaporizer while flying. Since the airlines are run by smaller, private companies it means they can essentially set their own rules and regulations as to the use of e-Cigs.

International Carriers: There are a variety of airlines that do not have an official e-Cig ban in place. One way to interpret this is that you can smoke your e-Cig until they tell you not to. International airlines are more likely to allow e-Cig usage since they understand that flyers are traveling long distances and will thus be unable to smoke a traditional cigarette. A few airlines are even partnering with e-Cig manufacturers to hand out e-Cigs to any of these antsy smokers to try out.

Airlines not allowing e-Cigs and Vapes mid-flight:

JetBlue: JetBlue says that although electronic cigarettes “may be non-hazardous, JetBlue does NOT allow the USE of them on any of our flights,” because the vapor they produce is a “nuisance.”

United Airlines: United bans all “simulated smoking materials” are banned, including e-cigs.

American Airlines: Here’s American’s response: “American Airlines does not allow electronic cigarettes to be used onboard.”

Delta: Delta’s answer was similar: “Delta does not permit the use of electronic cigarettes on board any Delta or Delta Connection aircraft.”

Spirit Airline: In an April 2010 issue of its “Spirit” magazine, Southwest Airlines classified ”electronic cigarettes and smoking devices” as “Never Permitted” (via the Global Advisors Smokefree Policy).

Southwest Airlines: Southwest Airlines classifies electronic cigarettes and smoking devices as Never Permitted